Posted by: Ethan | March 12, 2008

Ashita e no Sanka – alan


1. Ashita e no Sanka

2. Sakura Modern

3. Ashita e no Sanka (Instrumental)

4. Sakura Modern (Instrumental)

alan’s Ashita e no Sanka was released on November 21st, 2007. It’s her 1st single and charted at #69 on the Oricon Chart, selling 2,062 copies in its first week.

The musical powerhouse that is Ashita e no Sanka still amazes me. alan brings us a fantastic debut single with strong vocals and chinese elements. The best part is the chorus where the beat picks up and alan’s voice goes really high. Girl got skills! xD She hits those high notes EXTREMELY well, a lot better than some other popular artists. *coughkodakumicough* Just kiddiiiiing to all you Kuu fans out there. Anywho, I really like this song because of how unique it is. Its got an extremely tasteful chinese twist to it and shows who she really is.

After hearing the amazingness of the A-side, Sakura Modern was a bit underwhelming. Not saying it’s bad, just not as impressive. alan still sticks to her roots and adds a little twist to it. It’s got a more persistent beat than Ashita e no Sanka and a ballad-esque tone, with kind of a pop edge to it. It makes a great B-side.

Overall Grade:

Download: Ashita e no Sanka | Sakura Modern



  1. Hey I’m glad you’re back! Keep up with the wonderful reviews 😀

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